Electronic Contract Agreement

Electronic Contract Agreement


I, ______________________the employing Client, do hereby engage Global Business Consultants, a Missouri Limited Liability Company (hereinafter “GBC”) to perform the requested Background Check Services, as described in my initial email or phone call or email to GBC and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as of the date of my signing on this Employment Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) or my paying of any fee under this Agreement to GBC whichever is earlier. I am acknowledging I have received the Initial Free Consultation, been dually provided the Terms & Conditions via GBC Website on the Main Menu, on the Electronic Contract via PayPal Business, and have voluntarily on my own will now engage Global Business Consultants in Business and that there are absolutely No-Refunds under any circumstances, guarantees of service, or accuracy of Background Check, Screening, or Locate Data received by GBC. I am also aware that all collection attempts will be made by our collection and legal team if any payment defaults or charged back along with a $100.00 Monthly Late Fee each month the Fee has not been paid in full. I am also aware that this contract on the website provides the full contract version as PayPal Business does not allow enough space therefore is the condensed version.

Requests for Misuse of Information for use of locating members of Law Enforcement & Officers of the courts such as Lawyer & Prosecuting Attorneys

Investigations, Background Checks, Locate Requests our office receives into where Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Personnel, Lawyers, or Prosecuting Attorneys home address is located will not be provided and local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement will be notified of the nature of the provocative information requests to uphold Public Safety.

GBC Will Over See, Handle the Case in its Entirety and will not be advised on how to conduct any Services it provides by a Client or any other parties

Global Business Consultants oversees handling the case in its entirety. GBC does not take advice, tips, tricks, or help from the client or any other sources. If our services were retained its because other parties thus far have not been able to solve the case therefore taking advice from someone would not be logical in anyway. We have been conducting investigations over 25 years. If the client decides to cancel the case because they are not allowed to direct the case how they want the investigator reserves the right to cease any further investigations, send the client any information developed thus far, and No-Refund Given.

Privileged Conversations & Client Confidentiality with SCI

Client conversations are confidential between GBC and Clients about any topics discussed even during consultation. The only times these are not considered confidential any longer is if GBC is served a subpoena signed by judge from State, Local, or Federal Law Enforcement requiring the immediate release of all case notes, photographs, or Investigative Reports. Also, if the Client makes any threats even if verbal that places the investigator in concern of the safety of the public, a person’s life, or group of persons life in which case Law Enforcement will be notified for them to take over the case.

Cause for Immediate Breach of Contract

THREATS TOWARD PERSON being Screened or Located or GBC Staff

  • Client voices any threats even jokingly at all about harming another person or persons regarding injury, serious physical injury, or death. Law Enforcement will be immediately notified, Case will Cease, and Case information thus far will not be released out of Public Safety Concerns. There will be no refunds.
  • Clients who make (Threats to attempt a Refund) via making threats to the Investigator, Damaging the reputation of the Company, filing complaints with any agency at all such as the B.B.B., Attorney General Office, Missouri Board of Private Investigators, Secretary of State Office, or any other Agency in lieu of receiving a Refund will be immediately referred to Federal Law Enforcement for Blackmailing. Global Business Consultants does negotiate with people committing Federal Law Violations. Any threats verbal, veiled, jokingly, or physical in nature towards SCI or its Staff from anyone will also be handled by immediately obtaining an Order of Ex-Parte against that person, opening a Caution File on that person, and taking any security measures deemed necessary.

Restraining Orders Involved

In Cases where the client requesting Investigative Services has a current Order of Ex-Parte in Effect against them by the party or parties, they are requesting investigations on the case will absolutely have to be supervised by the clients Lawyer. There is no other way the case can be handled out of concerns of public safety.

Restraining Order Omitted by Client

If the client hires GBC and does mention they have an Order of Ex-Parte actively against them even if they claim they were unaware the case is ceased immediately, No-Refunds, and no Case Information Details will be given, all communications ceased immediately, and Law Enforcement may be notified.


Stalking like behavior in any form whatsoever such as driving by the persons place of work, residence, friends’ homes, families’ homes, or anywhere the person may be to check up on their activities, emailing the person, calling, or texting them, unless in cases where the parties are still married, in a relationship etc. Even then if the behavior becomes concerning nature this activity will be forwarded to the local Law Enforcement Agency. In any of the above cases the services will cease immediately and there will be NO – REUNDS.

4.) Clients not happy with results before a case has ended mentioning claiming that GBC is a Fraud, Scam, or Rip Off in any way at all will result in the case immediately ending and No – Refund. Information developed thus far will be sent to the client and no further communications will be made, and the file will be transferred to our Legal Counsel.

Omitting / Withholding any Information

Any information withheld from the investigator to control the case outcome, use the Background Investigator as a pawn in a larger picture, will be noticed during the case by our veteran investigators resulting in the case ceasing immediately, all case Information being withheld from the client, and No-Refunds, as well as the case being forwarded to our Legal Counsel for further recommendations.

Not only does this jeopardize the entire case and any results it also places the investigator in danger.


A: Upon signing, digitally or otherwise, and or Initialing this electronic document, the Client acknowledges they have read and agreed to the following Terms & Conditions; wherein the Client recognizes this electronic document (or printed version when required) as a legally binding document between GBC and Client.

B: The Client thereby acknowledges that for ease of both the Client and GBC that GBC provides fees at a flat rate. Client agrees to pay the flat rate fees on Background Services in the amount(s) deemed relevant to their Marketing needs. Upon special and explicit request of Client and written acknowledgment of GBC, GBC may offer hourly rates as discussed in Section II (2).


Comprehensive Nationwide Background Checks $250.00

Person Locate $1000.00

Multiple Background Checks Price is reduced to $100.00

For Hiring Companies, Staffing, Human Resources Etc. doing long term contractual Screening services $80.00 each.

Person to Be Investigated Can Not Be Located to be Surveilled or Investigated

In the rare Case the person to be investigated or under surveillance can not be located for whatever reason and therefore can not be watched to gain information for the client there will be no refunds as the Investigator cannot predict any outcome of the case and since Global Business Consultants makes no guarantees on services, quality or accuracy of Background Checks, Screening, or Locate Services.

Fees are agreed upon as follows in the payment form of “Flat Rate Fees.”


Client acknowledges and agrees payments are for investigative services conducted by GBC, its Employees and Subcontractors. GBC will prepare a written report which will summarize the results of GBC investigative services. Client thereby acknowledges and agrees results of an investigation will vary from case to case and are in no way guaranteed.

Such report and evidence collected will be collected and provided in a form GBC believes to be the best available way. Client agrees that if Client needs evidence or a report in a specific format or of a specific quality that such requests have been made and agreed to in writing prior to the signing of this Agreement.

Client acknowledges and agrees the services rendered and investigative evidentiary based fact findings provided by GBC, its employees, and Subcontractors, during or at the close of the investigation, as to have met or exceeded the Background Check Industry Based Standards of Services Rendered and all payments(s) for said concluding evidentiary based fact findings and services rendered are NON-REFUNDABLE.


All final Background Checks, Screening, and Locate Reports are sent to the Client via secured email in form or Word Document with all information to protect the Client providing secure delivery of case sensitive information.This also prevents buyer from fraudulently claiming Charge Back option as item not received to their Bank or Pay-Pal. Buyer agrees that whether they are a PayPal user or not a PayPal user all services will be shipped via Email. In cases where the client claims fraud or by selecting options such as unknown charge this will be reported to Law Enforcement and the pertinent Bank Investigations Department to be pursued as a Fraud. Bad Check Cases will be sent Ten Day Letter, Police Report made, and forwarded to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for their recommendations on Criminal Investigation & Prosecution on the matter

Disputes, Charge Backs, Collections

Client thereby acknowledges and agrees any dispute, failure to pay, or charge back claims, whether they are legitimately arisen; or fraudulently accusatory, decided in favor of; or against the Client or SCI, will result in all case notes, including names, addresses and phone numbers, phone records, Services and marketing material having to be made public information to PayPal Employees, Clients Bank Employees, Possible Credit Card Company Employees, or the whichever is dictated by the method of original payment within accordance of the law to the efforts to establish a ruling on the claim or recapture expenses incurred during the job. Client agrees that a charge back or failure to pay shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement. If any party to this agreement institutes any legal cause of action—including arbitration or fee dispute through a credit agency—against another party arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to the costs incurred in conducting the cause of action, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, collection fees and costs and court costs. Client acknowledges that breaching the contract will constitute a complete forfeiture of any amounts paid under this Agreement, and Client will be held responsible for additional damages caused because of Client’s breaching action or omission. If GBC is accused of any Criminal Charges by a client or any members of the public it will enforce its right to the fullest extent of the law that the person making the false police report is then charged with making a false police report when the allegations are deemed to be unfounded after a full investigation by the investigatibng agency, as well as pursued civilly for slander, libel, and defamation of character.


  1. Governing Law; Venue; Submission to Jurisdiction

This Agreement is governed, construed, and administered according to the laws of Missouri, as from time to time amended, and any applicable federal law. No effect is given to any choice-of-law or conflict-of-law provision or rule (whether of Missouri or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the law of any jurisdiction other than those of Missouri.

A cause of action arising out of this Agreement includes any cause of action seeking to enforce any provision of or based on any matter arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or the transactions contemplated by it. The parties agree that any suit, action, or proceeding—whether in contract, tort, or otherwise—arising out of this Agreement must be brought in a state or federal court or courts located in the State of Missouri and in the county of or nearest to GBC principal office if one of these courts has subject-matter jurisdiction over the suit, action, or proceeding. Any cause of action arising out of this Agreement is deemed to have arisen from a transaction of business in Missouri.

Each party irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of these courts (and their respective appellate courts) in any cause of action arising out of this Agreement. Each party irrevocably waives—to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law—any objection that it may have now or later to the venue of any action arising out of this Agreement in any of these courts, including an inconvenient forum petition.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement does not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement. If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that any provision is invalid, the remaining provisions of this Agreement are to be construed as if the invalid provision had never been included in this Agreement.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the sole and entire agreement of its parties with respect to the Agreement’s subject matter. This Agreement supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations, and warranties—both written and oral—with respect to the subject matter. As between or among the parties, no oral statements or prior written material not specifically incorporated herein shall be of any force and effect. The parties specifically acknowledge that, in entering and executing this Agreement, each is relying solely upon the representations and agreements contained in this Agreement and no others. No provision of this Agreement may be amended or modified except by a written instrument executed by all parties to this Agreement. Link to Corresponding Contract also provided on Home Page of Global Business Consultants.

Communications with Client

Once the Initial Free Consultation is received and Investigative Services have begun there will be (NO PHONE CALLS OR TEXTING) or updates during the case to protect the sterility of the ongoing investigation. The report will be given and provide all answers to any questions as well as a professional and intense investigation with report and photographs if taken. Should the client need to provide additional Information that is pertinent to the case it can be forwarded to the investigator via the business email at [email protected] 24 hours a day and on weekends. If repetitive calls & texts are made, they will not be answered.

Client Signature -____________________________________

SCI Representative – Signature_Investigator Michael W. Bland____________________________